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CarHunt Japan is a Japanese Standards used vehicle exporting company since 2000. We have enormous number of vehicles in stock.
Customer Reviews and rating
I really loved the services of CarHunt Japan! High-quality and affordable cars! No regrets!
English: I have loved this truck because it is in good condition and the engine feels like new. Also this I bought i...
Created: 26/10/2020
Country: Tanzania
Thank you so much CarHunt Japan! Your cars and services are beyond my expectation!
English: I have received the car in time like it was supposed to come. It is a very good car it is more than I expec...
Created: 15/10/2020
Country: Tanzania
I’m so in-loved with my car! CarHunt Japan cars are affordable, clean, and high-quality!
My name is NELSON BEUJO WILSON LUPAI. I received my car Toyota Premio 2007 in time during this Corona pandemic IN SOU...
Posted by: Nelson Beujo Wilson Lupai
Created: 14/10/2020
Country: South Sudan
I really like the bus I bought from CarHunt Japan. What you see in their website is really what you get!
English: The bus is very nice and it has reached in time. I have really liked it and I have seen that everything that...
Posted by: George K Mpesha
Created: 9/10/2020
Country: Tanzania
I bought high-quality truck from CarHunt Japan! The staffs are very hospitable!
I am very pleased with the offer CarHunt Japan gave me starting from this kind of truck. The truck is in a good condi...
Posted by: Ojok Tom Okotocen
Created: 2/10/2020
Country: Uganda
CarHunt Japan cars are the best!
I would like to thank CarHunt Japan standards for my new Passo car. I am very pleased with almost everything about it...
Posted by: Bob Charles Kabuye
Created: 2/10/2020
Country: Uganda
Thank you so much CarHunt Japan for the good and clean car!
I would like to thank CarHunt Japan for finding us a good clean car with great ambiance. I also want to thanked the m...
Posted by: Matovu Dorothy
Created: 1/10/2020
Country: Uganda
I love the car that I bought from CarHunt Japan!
English: My name is Emmanuel Mbise. The car that you ordered for me I have got it and I have loved it. What I hav...
Posted by: Emmanuel Mbise
Created: 30/9/2020
Country: Tanzania
Thank you so much CarHunt Japan!
English: When you talk about Carhunt, its a company that I got to know in the time of Corona, it was a time that I r...
Posted by: Vincent Mrope Francis
Created: 30/9/2020
Country: Tanzania